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Friday, 22 April 2011

Julius Caesar Autobiography

Full Name: Gaius Julius Caesar
Date of Birth: July 12 or July 13, 100 BC
Place of Birth: Rome, Italy
Died: March 15, 44 BC
Place of Death: Rome, Italy
Classification: Leaders & Revolutionaries

Born into the high-class didn’t mean Julius Caesar would take his place as the Emperor of Rome. His political and military cunning would see him as the ruler of the most powerful government in the world and see Rome spread from Asia to the Atlantic.

With a formal education due to his lineage, Caesar studied some of the most prominent works of the day. He abhorred how opposing factions were tearing the Republic of Rome apart. Some favored an electoral government, while others wanted a leader for life. At that time, Young Caesar didn’t know he was to become Rome’s most prominent leader, emperor, and deity.

After being forced to go into hiding with the reign of Sulla, Caesar and his family had to muster a plan to take on Sulla’s proclaimed dictatorship. Caesar soon joined the army, but did not dare travel back to Rome. He was scared for his own life, even if he and his family’s titles had been restored. Caesar would rise to power quickly, obtaining the Civic Crown for his brave efforts in battle.

Sulla, the ruler at the time, gave the government back to the people and dismantled his rule. Walk freely about in the streets, just as any other man, he then retired away to his own private estate and was not involved in politics again. When Sulla died, Caesar returned to Rome, where he would await his chance to become one of the possible candidates to be voted into office.

It wasn’t until 60 BC that Caesar was elected Consul of the Roman Republic. Caesar then was appointed various posts throughout the Republic where he fought and won many strategic battles that did not go unnoticed by other counsel members in Rome. Caesar started another civil war that would eventually see him rise to appointed dictator over Rome. He then began his life-long involvement with Cleopatra, who he could not marry due to Roman law. He also traveled to the Middle East, where he secured even more territory for Rome. It was through Caesar’s direct hand that Rome had evolved from a republic to an empire. Caesar was assassinated in Rome and was declared a deity by the senate. His name would become the title of every Roman leader who followed.

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